Assistant Professor :
Tomonaga Ueno
Pootawang Panuphong
Helena Oi Lun Li

Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
464-8603, Japan

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This workshop will focus on the advanced solution plasma processing and its related sciences and technologies. Solution plasma is an unique reaction field which is beneficial to a novel material synthesis as well as material modification and treatment. During this workshop, the lectures will include the invited talks and the contributed oral/poster presentations. In addition, it is expected to provide an opportunity for scientists and engineers to exchange information and ideas on new scientific understandings, novel technique, and new industrial application based on solution plasma process. The first workshop on solution plasma processing will open the doors for innovation.


 Program is now available (27 Feb. 2013)


1. Fundamentals of Solution Plasma Sciences
Plasma generation, Plasma physics, Spectroscopy, Chemistry, Simulation
2. Molecular Technologies
Molecular synthesis, Molecular modification, Properties of molecules, Simulation, Application
3. Inorganic Technologies
Inorganic material, Synthesis of inorganic material, Surface modification , Properties of inorganic material, Application
4. Liquid Science and Technologies
Water science and liquid phase science
5. Liquid Treatment Technologies
Water treatment, Organic/inorganic Liquid Waste Treatment